If you were to live without one sense, what would it be? I myself would choose touch as a sense to live without. Though it would seem pretty dangerous not to have, I would choose it anyway. Then I wouldn't be able to feel all the times I stub my toe against the coffee table. Others like that would be awesome not to feel.

   Though it does have its downsides of not being able to touch. Such as, not feeling extreme pain to be dangerous. For example, if my hands were on fire, I couldn't feel it but it will do damage. Another, if I were to stab my hand and not even notice, well there goes a bunch of blood. I would still choose not to have touch as a sense.

School lunches are important for kids in school. They are what give the student energy to keep working and not fall asleep. My school lunches are in a medium range zone. Not every kids could enjoy our school lunches. They serve the same thing most of the time. Which is a big problem for student who eat it.

I would add more of a varity of different meals. Then not every day would be the same as before. I would also add more fruits add vegetables to the salad bar. Then they could have sevring of  healthy foods.Those are some of the changes I would make to our school's lunch system. 

Interactive Contest: Write a comment and paragraph of your favourite lunch to eat and see what gets the most votes!
    Online line safety is a big deal to your cyber-life. You should share any personal info with a person you don't know. Except for personal info that can not be identified with you. Things such as first name or nickname, stuff like that. That is the big problem with cyber carelessness.

     If you were to give a random person personal info, it would be very bad. They can steal your identity in some cases which you don't want. The right precautions can keep you and your personal life safe. You don't have to fear everything and everyone on the web. Just make sure you are safe and make the right choices.

  INTERACTIVE: If you have any questions, comment your question and I will be happy to reply back to it to try to answer.
O' thank you kind person.
For the sweet donation you gave
you are the best around.
No one can match you generosity.

The soul you have is big and strong
for the money you give and donate.
Whoever questions your heart
is all and all full of wrong.

Thank you once more and more
For your donation we adore.
In the support of you
You have the heart of few.
Podcasting is a fun way to make a audio presentation for academic purposes. In our classroom, we have been podcasting on different subjects of Language Arts. After a while of doing podcasts, you learn some rights and wrongs when making them. One will be to always make a script before you start recording on your subject. Always recite your script before you start to make sure that you don't mess up.

 A good thing to is to make sure you sound happy depending on your podcasting. I for one have a slight monotone voice which seems to create a laugh. Anyway, a bad thing to do is use a device then record it one a different one. It makes your voice sound very weird not clear as it should be. That is all I have to offer for now.
I don't really think we can live without any device humanity has made. Since each and every one serves its  own purpose in our world. Whether it being a small or big reason. If you really think about it we just can't. We need those devices in our day to day lives. It just isn't easy to pick one to eliminate one.

But if  I had to pick on it would be an alarm clock. Just clocks with alarms, but watches are OK. It is just that we don't need that loud noise always waking me up. They are just so annoying that we do not need them. Well, for me they are  I don't know about you Gents and Gals but they deserved to be destroyed.

Comment on what  technological device you think that civilization can live without and I will  respond about the history of that item that you have chose.
      I always had trouble picking multimedia devices to uses in school presentation. From PowerPoint to Prezi to Pixie, I have no idea what to choose. I now like to use a website called ThingLink which I really like. You take a picture then you are able to interact with it. Such as to write a summary in one spot then add a link right on the picture.

  That is why I like it so much to use in presentations. It lets you do some much with one picture! It is an amazing website that I totally recommend for any student. I will start using it more often for my projects. It is that hard to do it at all which is awesome!
If I had to pick a person who was innovative it would be easy. It would be...(drum-roll)... MacGyver. Think about he is one of the world's most innovative people. Even though he is a fictional character, he still deserves to be called innovated. It would be pretty hard not to call him innovative due to his projects.

 Why would I call him innovative, you say? Well, he can make a bomb out of a banana and microwave. He can get himself out of a mess using simple objects with his head. That take some critical thinking  to do the thing he does. That is why I think he is a innovative person. MacGyver is also a good way to pass the time, seriously.
I think that argument essays are good topic builders. Especially for writing exams in school for nation wide tests. They bring a cloud of ideas that jump start the brain. Such as, "why is this better than that" of " why does that even matter?'' Those ideas are valuable on why we call stuff important.

The thing I would like to argue about would be science topics. Such as what would happen if you entered a black hole. I could talk about those thing for a long time. Another would be about television shows. Which ones are the best and which I wouldn't what to see.

                                       Happy Pi Day everyone!!!
My teacher had asked me a question if parents' mistakes were better for a child's future. I would think that a parent's mistake would make their child not to repeat it . But if the child does not make the mistake, do they still learn a lesson. That is what I think that people don't think about everyday. I would prefer the first option for my child.

Then again the child would still find the lesson through the different situations. So once more, what would you choose to do with your child. The first option or the second option. In my own opinion I would choose the first option myself.