I think that argument essays are good topic builders. Especially for writing exams in school for nation wide tests. They bring a cloud of ideas that jump start the brain. Such as, "why is this better than that" of " why does that even matter?'' Those ideas are valuable on why we call stuff important.

The thing I would like to argue about would be science topics. Such as what would happen if you entered a black hole. I could talk about those thing for a long time. Another would be about television shows. Which ones are the best and which I wouldn't what to see.

                                       Happy Pi Day everyone!!!

03/16/2013 6:41pm

I agree it's a great way to get a conversation going! There are so many topics you could go about and discuss for a long period of time.

03/27/2013 9:12pm

I also think that argumentive essays are good conversation starters. They also make us realize what we do and don't like. The best topics to me are ones that cover our own personal intrests.


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