School lunches are important for kids in school. They are what give the student energy to keep working and not fall asleep. My school lunches are in a medium range zone. Not every kids could enjoy our school lunches. They serve the same thing most of the time. Which is a big problem for student who eat it.

I would add more of a varity of different meals. Then not every day would be the same as before. I would also add more fruits add vegetables to the salad bar. Then they could have sevring of  healthy foods.Those are some of the changes I would make to our school's lunch system. 

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05/09/2013 12:22pm

I totally agree. It's ridiculous that we are served chicken nuggets three days in a row. I also agree with having a wider selection of fruits and veggies.

05/10/2013 12:54pm

I totally agree with you Aaron, the school needs to have a wider selection of foods. They serve food that half the time does not taste good, and that is obviously not healthy. You do not get your money's worth with the school lunch. Over the course of the year the lunches have gotten smaller and smaller.
The snack bar is a better value than the actual lunch itself. You get better quality food for a better price that taste better.
Aaron you have good ideas about school lunches, and you should be in charge of how school lunches are made.


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