I don't really think we can live without any device humanity has made. Since each and every one serves its  own purpose in our world. Whether it being a small or big reason. If you really think about it we just can't. We need those devices in our day to day lives. It just isn't easy to pick one to eliminate one.

But if  I had to pick on it would be an alarm clock. Just clocks with alarms, but watches are OK. It is just that we don't need that loud noise always waking me up. They are just so annoying that we do not need them. Well, for me they are  I don't know about you Gents and Gals but they deserved to be destroyed.

Comment on what  technological device you think that civilization can live without and I will  respond about the history of that item that you have chose.

04/23/2013 12:59pm

I agree with the alarm clock idea. As for a device I can live without, I say I can live without my phone. I barely use it anyway!


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