If I had to pick a person who was innovative it would be easy. It would be...(drum-roll)... MacGyver. Think about he is one of the world's most innovative people. Even though he is a fictional character, he still deserves to be called innovated. It would be pretty hard not to call him innovative due to his projects.

 Why would I call him innovative, you say? Well, he can make a bomb out of a banana and microwave. He can get himself out of a mess using simple objects with his head. That take some critical thinking  to do the thing he does. That is why I think he is a innovative person. MacGyver is also a good way to pass the time, seriously.

03/29/2013 8:57pm

I agree with you on that, Aaron. MacGyver was an innovative character. The way he would get himself out of a situation. I liked how you were creative on who you chose as your innovative person. Not many people would think of MacGyver if they were trying tot think of an innovative person so, that was thinking outside of the box.

04/24/2013 12:40pm

Aaron, I'm gonna have to say that I don't agree with you on this one. MacGyver was creative yes, but innovative? No. Sure he saved the world with a paper clip but did he help mankind in anyway during his fictitious life? He was creative but not innovative.

04/24/2013 12:42pm

Even though I have no idea who this MacGyver character is, he sounds like he can get out of any situation he may be in.


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